Monday, June 20, 2016

New technologies for the holidays, devices that do … – La Voix du Nord

Gone are the days when electronic devices waterproof and dustproof had the elegance of a Bavarian 4×4. Today, we must look on the packaging to differentiate between “normal” devices. They have their place in every pocket … or all handbags.

Smartphone. Sony has made a specialty for several generations of smartphones. Until the next Xperia X, and after the Xperia Z3, is now the Z5 which allows to face the elements. This high-end smartphone offers the best of Android but will also be comfortable in a hike (excellent camera!) In a board (, € 599.90).

watch connected as long as you do, choose a Sony shows to accompany the Z5. compatibility will be ideal. The SmartWatch 3 will be a true extension of your terminal, in addition to being your coach sport and health. The watch will follow you to the bottom of the pool if the water is chlorinated only (avoid salt water). It will still think the rinse with fresh water coming out. (€ 199.99).

connected speaker. For the picnic or the beach (without breaking the ears of neighbors), you would like some music? The portable enclosure without SRS-XB3 wire, always with Sony, you can harness the music library on your smartphone. And, again, without fear splashes (€ 169).

A reading light. A book that takes the water, it’s not good for her. A reading light, either. But the Kobo H2O exception to the rule. If you drop it in the pool, it can withstand 30 minutes at a depth of one meter. Good, do it anyway. With 4 GB of memory, you can take 3000 books on the beach. Enough? (Https: //, € 179.99)


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