Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Father Favron Foundation: New technologies for … – 974 Zinfos

The structure of Reunion population changes. According to the INSEE projections, the proportion of elderly will double in 2030. In response, the Father Favron Foundation organized a conference on Tuesday to present the new technology dedicated to supporting seniors and people with disabilities.

Many projects include providing solutions for home care develop economy riding the silver (or silver economy linked to increased life expectancy).

Tasda (Health Technopole Alps Home and Autonomy) thus came to present its advanced security. Geolocation, drop sensors or environmental sensors indicating intrusions or detect smoke or CO2 … So many useful technologies for the elderly provided a good fit between the service, the product and the needs of patients, said Veronique Chirie, Director TASDA.

At the local level, the Groupement de Cooperation Sanitaire (GCS) Tesis also innovates in e-health. This contact health professionals of Reunion and Mayotte has created a tool to facilitate exchanges between health professionals. Based on the premises of the Port Group, The Hive has enabled the creation of a computerized nursing home user folder that promotes information sharing between professionals on patients and users.

Another innovation presented on Tuesday, telemedicine. “ This medical practice deployed in several nursing homes of the island offers the opportunity to doctor for a consultation or to remotely monitor the status of a patient who could no longer move ” explains Antoine Lerat, Director of GCS TESIS.

With its 34 facilities located throughout the island for the elderly and disabled, the Father Favron Foundation hopes to quickly integrate new technologies in the daily health actors and with patients to support the ARS OI. “ Their use is at a state of mind. In the end these innovations allow not only to improve the care of patients, conditions of work of professionals but also help realize savings term “concludes Jean-Louis Carrère, Chairman of the Foundation Board.


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