Sunday, July 24, 2016

Bertrand Piccard aboard the Solar Impulse: “Implementing these new … – RTBF

For the last step in your world tour, what are the main challenges?

“The very very hot, there are very high temperatures over Saudi Arabia that provide thermal and clouds that rise very high. But our team in Monaco beautifully prepared all this technically. for now it is going very well, I’m currently completing the crossing of the red Sea and arrived on the coast of Saudi Arabia over a coral reef and colors absolutely magical. “

what is your state of mind right now?

“it’s an adventure that began 15 years ago, in which André Borschberg and I and all our team, we invested body and soul. it is true that it moves me much, I rather try to focus on flying the airplane and everything I see. But it’s true that it ‘ is quite moving to think that this is the last time I flew on this aircraft as part of this round the world. “

this is a long project ends here, what’s next for you?

“This is to involve in the life of every day, in politics, in the industrial world, all the technologies that have been developed with partners for Solar Impulse. For me it is not an industrial side, I am not an industry, it is the side of promoting this technology to reduce CO2 emissions, to reduce energy waste. With our partners we are preparing to announce the launch of the International Committee of clean technology. “

What is the lasting impression that you retain?

“the first Atlantic crossing with a solar airplane, it was highly symbolic. Another moment is when I met Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary general from the cockpit in the Pacific, it was something fantastic. “

“I think the moment that I will always remember, this is it, this last trip, the ultimate, the one where there is more suspense. We need this one succeed if all other will have been for nothing. “

If all goes as planned, you will arrive in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday, what will the first thing you do?

“I’m going to thank the team, because we never have done anything alone. We lived very very emotional times in recent weeks. And then he will have to explain to the media, the political world, that now it is going further. It is these involve technological, to have an efficient energy company, using clean and renewable energy technologies. Otherwise, our adventure will remain a moment of science fiction. The implant in reality, that is what is fundamental. “


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