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Young Entrepreneurs: love between new technologies and … – BFMTV

They are between 18 and 34 years and embarked on the adventure of entrepreneurship. What is their approach to new technologies? What obstacles do they face?

A global study by Sage in April with 7,400 young entrepreneurs from 16 countries examined their relationship to new technologies and the problems encountered on their journey. The survey also identified five typical profiles of entrepreneurs in the Generation Y .

The technology replaces the communication face to face

more than a third of young entrepreneurs surveyed indicate that the management of their activities can not be optimized without new technologies. However, not all have exactly the same approach. Young entrepreneurs French match 42% they rely on technology while Brazil feel 81% that their success would be compromised without it. This tool not only used them to run their businesses but also feed their professional network partners, customers and employees. This is particularly the case for three-quarters of respondents who have virtually abandoned the real and physical communication

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The rejection of an unnecessary innovation

The opinions are mixed, however, and particularly the United States and Brazil, where more than one contractor on two says he could run his business with old technologies of twenty. The study also reports that “59% of respondents (67% Australian) certify have enough ingenuity does not have to depend on the technology to be successful, and Belgium 67% indifferent to how it could help them manage their business. ” technologies open access have meanwhile not very good press and many young entrepreneurs who feel they are not as reliable that paying technologies.

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Telework: the end of business

surprisingly, 41% of entrepreneurs? generation Y are convinced that technology will replace the offices by ten years . Brazilians are convinced 54% : work spaces are caused to dematerialize and will be carried away to allow more Flexibility .

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Bureaucracy and financing: major obstacles

43% of entrepreneurs in the Y generation, bureaucracy and paperwork is a demotivating factor. They are also 36% to be affected by late payments and worries of cash . Moreover, many are suffering from the competition start up the number is increasing. Still others evoke difficulties in recruiting “competent employees sharing their mindset” So if the majority of respondents are still “too enthusiastic that starting their activity, [...] most do not see the run forever. ” They are in fact the number of hours demotivating and hope to eventually reduce their working time and go on Early Retirement .

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