Sunday, July 10, 2016

Filippo Gaudenzi: “New technologies are changing the way … – Starducongo the advent of new technologies has been perceived as a threat on many levels. Would you say today that this perception has changed?

Filippo Gaudenzi: you could say that there has been a clear shift in public opinion with regard to new technologies. Its assessment is more positive than it was in the beginning. That said, mistrust persists: the public still does not know how far he can trust the new technologies seen the abuse they allow. He wonders how far he can just enjoy it without falling into abuse.

The new technologies give the impression that you have acquired a wealth of new knowledge, when in reality you become poor in education, assessment and judgment skills. They certainly have good points, but the risk is that they inhibit the power and capabilities of the brain.

You have worked and collaborated on several programs of television and radio Italian. At what level they were helpful and threatening?

In fact, new technologies have always been positive. They facilitate the flow of information. Thanks to them, it is easier to treat certain subjects seen that people are more aware. The paradox is that force have the feeling of knowing, users are satisfied with what they give them. They stop at a superficial level and no longer dare to go deep.

Several scandals are revealed via new technologies. How far should we fear them?

Improved technology advances along with the desire to protect privacy. But if the increase in technology means that transparency, we can only rejoice.

Is there really areas where technologies are still at the margin?

In the world of information, no. It must be said that new technologies are changing the way of information and inevitably intrudes into our lives, our daily lives.

New technologies continue to develop. Do you think this growth will stop one day?

I do not think. I think they will continue to move up the supposed uselessness of human presence. And it is only then that they could begin to decline and that man will try to recover its role.

As a man of the media, how should we organize today to bring order to the world of information?

The most important is that using technology as a tool and not as the essence of the work.

The audience mostly young was very attentive to your presentation as if it were a show. How did you find him?

This is a topic of great interest to young people and the idea that they can be passive about the technology begin to disrupt. They understand that this knowledge is not real but fleeting.

The recommended age to learn to read and write. Do you think it would be as much for new technology?

Children are already still toddlers who can use technology while they can not read or write. They have instruments to use new technology but no content. Under these conditions, we risk creating new illiterates. Because technology gives you the illusion of knowledge, the illusion of understanding, but in reality it is only an instrument to be filled with contents.

Last word?

I am convinced that we will return back and the man will try to get the right distance between the human brain and new technology. We need to take a step back and allow the brain to continue to evolve.

Interview by Alain Bouithy


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