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September 24, 2029, flee new technologies, the getaway … – RTL.fr

September 24, 2029, flee new technologies, the getaway Jerome Zokubé Image Credit: SIPA Credit Media: Martial You Download
with Martial you

We found Jerome Zokubé! One week we were looking for it. He had developed what might be called a “Techn’Allergie” . It could not be more hyper-connected, always connected to work through the smartphone, the computer. So he escaped hidden in a community that practices Digital detox.

For several days all the media and all the police had sought in vain. The phenomenon exploded in the 2020s to escape “the disease of the century”, addiction connected objects . Watch the car through the fridge.

Digital Detox groups were then multiplied in the countryside away from everything. Jerome Zokubé chose the Allier, one of the few white areas of France that denied connection to 4G. Whole communities congregated and to live far from the systematic network connection.

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