Friday, July 22, 2016

Brands: using new technologies to meet the challenge … – Editions Francis Lefebvre

a study by Thomson CompuMark on the occasion of a symposium on brand protection, reveals that budgets, new distribution channels, globalization and the management of new technologies are the key challenges faced not be left behind to face the evolution of the brand landscape. budget is the top concern for 44% of respondents and new distribution channels are classified as critical issues for 28% of them.

“This study is very significant because even if the sample is relatively small, it reflects the view field professionals in the Marks and their protection. Its findings highlight the complexity faced by businesses for prior art search, launch and protect their brands and indicate how many of them are planning to use new technologies to address different challenges ” said Rob Davey, senior Thomson CompuMark.

Social networks: are considered to have a strong impact on the prior art search and brand protection. The launch of new brands it has clearly accelerated in recent years, both in volume and pace, which has had significant implications for trademark professionals. Of those surveyed, 61% believe social networks “very or moderately important” to their brand strategy.

Laurent AMOUNT


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