Tuesday, July 19, 2016

New technologies: the figures announced by Statistics … – Le Défi Media Group

Mauritius Statistics estimated in its last report that exports of services in information technology sector companies and communication (ICT) decreased by 7.8% between 2014 and 2015.

the Mauritian ICT sector exported Rs 5.42 billion for services in 2015 against Rs 5.88 billion in 2014. While the sector, in particular those operating in outsourcing (BPO), increasing recruitment campaigns, this decline in exports surprises operators.

difficult Background

Charles Cartier, president of outsourcing and Telecommunications Association of Mauritius ( OTAM), wondered if Statistics Mauritius does not provide some of these services in other categories. “Some companies, for example, registered as Global Companies. Their activities are undoubtedly not recognized in the ICT sector. You have to see exactly how Statistics Mauritius arrived at that figure. But from my point of view, the trend is not downward. The growth rate is indeed lower than in the past when he was in double figures, but noted a decline in exports, there would be a drop in sales. There is certainly a drop in the number of companies, as some have proposed – and may have turned the corner – the relocation, including Madagascar, “says Charles Cartier

This also challenges. the situation in 2015 as a difficult international context. Finally, it advances a final possible explanation for the decline in exports of services by the ICT companies. This is because major companies in the sector that have a substantial turnover, such as telecommunications companies, operating on the local market.

Ganesh Ramalingum, Executive Chairman of Data Communication Ltd, another explanation would lower tariffs endings incoming international calls. These are costs charged by the International Long Distance Mauritian operators. This fall in prices affects the sector’s turnover and therefore partly explain the decrease in exports of services.


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