Sunday, July 17, 2016

“The Swiss watch missed the smart watch” – Tribune de Genève

Industrial not, however, fears the emergence of a crisis as it was 40 years ago.

The watchmaking sector fell asleep and did not see coming the trend constituted by the shows connected (smartwatch). “With the exception of TAG Heuer, the brand Chaux-de-Fonds (note, LVMH Group) offer an interesting product,” notes Ernst Thomke in an interview published Sunday in the weekly speaking Schweiz am Sonntag .

Migration towards the wrist

“the smartwatch was not a success at first, but today it is already, “says one who has been CEO of SMH group (today Swatch group) between 1984 and 1991.” the sales forecast I had made five years ago is now greatly exceeded. “

” the major functions we use dozens of times a day are completed more quickly and simply to the wrist, “said Thomke, 77 years old today. This is why it considers that certain functions will migrate to the wrist.

No new crisis

With his refusal to enter the market the so-called smart watch, Swiss watch certainly seen its industrial base and its leading position in the electronic field weaken. Despite this, the former leader does not fear the emergence of a sector crisis as the 1970s.

“In the luxury segment, Switzerland has established an extraordinary strong position and will keep “predicts Thomke in the columns of Schweiz am Sonntag . “Here, the major brands have forged a position that can almost be described as a monopoly,” he said.

The marketing and global network consisting of own outlets constitute a difficult hurdle for competition, yet notes that which led companies like Saurer or Metalor during his career. (ats / nxp)

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