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When the Commonwealth of Apt-Luberon combines agriculture and new … – Haute-Provence Info

It is Caseneuve Common Country community of Apt-Luberon (CCPAL) that has just taken an experience where the latest technologies to meet airlines and the agricultural economy. The drone of “start-up” of the French Tech Culture was tasked to photograph and diagnose the condition of the plants of the vineyard was going. This was to determine plant growth, leaf area and the need for new subjects or condition shortages (water stress), all within minutes of flight with the help of new technologies. The meeting between the three actors of new technologies (Air Pixels, Atechsys and French tech culture) with the vineyard of Mr. Busi in Boisset Caseneuve is a first in the territory of the country of Apt in agriculture.

the assistance will be attended at first, programming drone equipped with multispectral cameras by Air Pixels, by the pilot between precise GPS data of the agricultural land of the area to watch for the occasion. Secondly comes the content analysis of data recorded by the cameras of the drone, through mathematical algorithms in experience Atechsys. “The farming tradition joins innovation with many measuring tools made available by our companies using digital technology to meet the economic, environmental and sociological issues” What we heard at different interventions. As for the comcom Apt-Luberon she served as facilitator to stall this meeting between agriculture and innovation.

In this day should arise other initiatives and applications in agriculture and / or environmental management as fire, spread of armyworm, lavender or the typical regional groves. In addition, of course, the promotion of heritage and culture

The speakers briefly.

French Tech Culture represented by JF Cesarini, is an ecosystem of digital businesses covering two areas: PACA and Languedoc-Roussillon recognized and certified by the ministries of Economy and Culture in the country. It is legally an association that is developing a digital economy based on traditional and cultural economy.

Air Pixels is a company specialized in shooting, to diagnose deficiencies in agriculture. She is represented by L. Perona and based in Avignon.
Atechsys Solution shape drone pilots of the model to the ULM. It specializes in the data processing and analysis of images, and the promotion of heritage and culture.

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