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With the slogan “Rise Madagascar,” Geoffrey Gaspard, a young man from Diego Suarez 21 years has set the task of improving the image of his city and his country, sharing online photos and videos that highlight all the positive aspects of life in Diego Suarez in Madagascar

Landscapes, people, attractions, festivals. Geoffrey Gaspard and thirty of his ” friends “Internet users have taken the platform” Instagram assault “sharing snapshots, so that nothing escapes them

Geoffrey Gaspard has noted recently: one of his photos which illustrates the “shock” in the air between two Capoeira dancers, was selected from among thousands of others by the jury of the photo competition launched by the global network of French Alliances. Wednesday, 1 st June, he also presented his latest filmmaking: a small 6-minute film made in partnership with the DIANA region and the Regional Directorate for Youth and Sport

<. p> in this spot, also broadcast on the internet halfway between the clip and the short film, we discover the infinite variety of sports practiced in Diego Suarez by hundreds of men and women, young or young, amateur or professional, and even disabled! The film’s message is clear: the sport is wealth and invites directly the people of Diego

Suarez and Madagascar to join the many clubs in the region

. before that, Geoffrey Gaspard was observed through animation of “Madagascar Instagram community” which has more than 10,000 subscribers.

Founder of the Malagasy Instagram community, “Igers gasy” are more and more people post and share their photos on the social network dedicated to photography.

in March and April 2016, Diego Suarez first, then to Tana, stood the first two ” InstaMeet “(meetings of users of the social network Instagram – Ed) of Madagascar, gathering about a hundred followers, junkies or fans, who discovered some the faces of their virtual friends. The opportunity also for the majority of participants to better understand the concept of “Rise Madagascar” and see the possibilities of promotion of the region and the country, but also the potential direct economic benefits for tourism operators, and indirect for animators passionate community


Who is Geoffrey Gaspard? Born in Diego Suarez in 1995, Indo-creolo-Malagasy origin, lives and grows in Diego Suarez to the ferry as it gets at the French School Sadi Carnot which then delivers his last promotion of graduates before closing. In high school, he practiced a little theater, but distinguishes itself by its intensive practice of sports, especially windsurfing and kitesurfing. It will organize the way, with varying success and difficulties – a mere 17 years – the first two editions of RCM Kite Contest in Sakalava Bay and surroundings. In this adventure, it remains above all, always visible on the internet a beautiful video made by one of KiteSurf South African champions, which offers a serious spotlight on the major spots offered by nature around Diego Suarez.

After the Bac, Geoffrey Gaspard went to South Africa to improve its capacities in event organization. It is there that he observed many new features, especially in terms of use of new technologies. In order to reach the widest users likely to visit the Big Island, he decided to use the English language. He also discovered a passion for photography and film-making. Equipped with a single iPhone, it acquired in July 2014, it starts to flood the social networks of his photos. It is at the same time he realizes the video “Happy from Diego” and “Happy from Nosy Be.” He was just 20 years old. His latest project: to visit India in order to form in filmmaking. When asked if he will return to Madagascar, he frankly replied that he did not yet know what the future holds, but he will come back without fail to continue his mission: to offer the most beautiful faces world Madagascar for his country and especially the city of his birth and he likes: Diego Suarez ■

The first Instameet Madagascar has a held  & # xE0, Diego Suarez in March

The first Instameet in Madagascar took place in Diego Suarez in March

 The 2nd instameet xE0 & #; Tana in April

The 2nd instameet Tana in April

Geoffrey Gaspard

Geoffrey Gaspard

By Raoul Ampinga –

Diego Tribune


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