Tuesday, July 5, 2016

New technologies and digital – Isere.fr

Jean-Pierre Barbier welcomed, Axelle Lemaire , Secretary of State Digital, during his visit in Isere on July 4.

the opportunity for President Department to present the projects undertaken by the departmental assembly in digital . Very broadband, e-health and online colleges are indeed among the future projects currently underway. The Department has the support of the Secretary of State to encourage and perpetuate these actions.

Deploying Very High Speed ​​

“Almost ¾ Isère connected in 2021 “
with a cap over 450,000 taken in fiber to the home by 2024, Isère is the largest project public initiative network (RIP) of high speed broadband at the level of a department, worn in the plan “France Very High Speed”.
E n 2021, 71% of individuals and 90% of businesses will be served by the fiber .
eventually, in 2024, 98% of individuals and 99% of companies will benefit. the Department is preparing
to start the second phase of investigation of the case in order to get the final funding decision from the state, on which the Secretary of State was aware.


“the Department argues for keeping at home through e-health”
Staying home is the wish of more than 90 % seniors. The Department wishes to respond to this expectation has created a specific organization.
A platform test project online has been launched for two years. This platform integrates Health service offerings and tele health .
The experiment will help determine the public / private business model with the offer of the most suitable services.

the Department requested the State to extend its action in fostering the emergence of a legislative and regulatory framework to facilitate the establishment of digital information media materializing services on home care field.

digital colleges

“connected 15 colleges, 7 more than in 2017″
The Department supports already 14 public colleges and 1 private college within the first two phases of the call for projects “digital schools and educational innovation” deployed by the Ministry of Education in 2015-2016. This
materializes at the Department through the deployment of mobile personal equipment during the upcoming school year, an investment in 2016 of € 1.7 million.
the state, for its part, is committed to co-finance the acquisition of these equipments and opens a third phase to develop new institutions. in this context, the Department plans to nominate seven additional public colleges the next school year (2016-2017) for the acquisition of public facilities.


development of e-administration , with the provision of administrative procedures online for users, and support for smart-techs prospering in Isère, were two other points raised during the interview.


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