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I tested the real estate Meetic – Tribune de Genève

She will soon apartment Research sinecure? Despite the shortage in Geneva on regulated sites or ads do not always do a very innovative use of technology. They are generally limited to an e-mail alert when a property becomes available. And are not necessarily compatible with smartphones. . Virtual visits 360 remain an exception

In France, the site SomHome is designed as a dating site: it connects the ideal tenant with the perfect owner according to predefined criteria, without go through an agency and thus pay a fee. In Switzerland, these costs are low, so few owners looking to short the governed. Thus the site, based in Neuchâtel, rather facilitates interaction between tenants and governed three partners: Bernard Nicod group, M3 Real Estate (formerly “CGi Property”) and FM Management. It proposes to set up an online application form and increase his chances with a file or a solvency certificate coaching.


Immodating is free for tenants. Optionally, a coaching custom folder is available for 19 francs and a solvency certificate for 29 francs. The authorities, they are paying between 14 and 39 francs per item to manage files more easily and to find the perfect tenant.


We complete a profile with contact information, search criteria, moving pattern features (smoking? Children? Animals? Noise sources?). We have to upload a photo and the usual documents of a rental file (copies of identity documents, the last three pay slips and certificates of the office of prosecution).

  On the day

We support the coaching paying record: “The file can be radically improved to prevent rejection with specific and personalized recommendations.” We are promised a review “every angle” through a comparison with the 7000 already processed files. To our surprise, the business case we transmitted instantly via email after the online payment, which means automated analysis. About ten pages, we discover our strengths, “high solvency, not prosecuted, married couple, no pets,” and our weak points: However, it is recommended to add “no guarantees.” a guarantee that if our income is less than 3 times the rent, which is not our case

There followed several standard suggestions to improve our record. apply for a subject with less competition ( housing less convenient, smaller or more expensive), order a solvency certificate (paid) for prosecution blank certificates are sometimes tampered with or bypassed with a change of address, attach a guarantor to obtain a certificate of residence ( to ensure that a recent move has been undertaken to avoid appearing to prosecution), add a reference person in our file (known stewardship, and preferably not the previous tenant). If the folder invites to identify in its network of people who would know someone stewardship, via Facebook or LinkedIn, it provides no guidance for owners (eg how to find them via the land registry)

to laugh, we applied for a flat via Immodating. No reply was received to date …

  Behind the scenes

The co-founder of Immodating Jim Hershkovitz, lives in Geneva. “In theory, it was hoped that the governed can select good profiles with us. In practice it is found that they have no trouble finding the property for less than 3,000 francs. In addition, they lack candidates and lists become useful. Our service is reoriented management software. “Why not have coupled this application service to that of apartment search? “We regularly ask. The boards do not need ads and more, and some have signed exclusive with other sites. “

Alexis Minkoff, director of the authority partner FM Management, had” wanted a modern brand image and facilitate customers’ lives. “Today three-quarters of our requests arrive electronically via Immodating. Apart from the luxury, because people go through relocation agencies. “He is convinced it can improve respect for tenants. “With the registration papers, tenants do not always have immediate return. With Immodating, they can find out if they are not selected and quickly look for alternatives. Previously, some cases were not followed up, now through the system of “matching” we can offer them something else. “

Carlo Sommaruga, secretary general of the Asloca, believes that uberisation services Real is inevitable. He fears the problems of “personal data. Despite the statements made, there is no certainty that they will not be used. And automation applications there is a risk that the subjective assessment of the records disappear. Can a pregnant woman or an elderly person always have priority “

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