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New technologies will not steal your job – BFMTV

Given the progress of digital technology and robotics, some already argue scenarios worthy of a science fiction novel, where robots replace gradually human employees. A study by Strategy France tries to prove that, no, this revolution will not happen

Recently, the “journalists robots” have about them. These algorithms are able to extract relevant web information to make legitimate content. After surgeons robots and robots for factories, all sectors, including the most “intellectual” Would affected by the invasion of robots ? Are jobs brought to disappear en masse? A study published this month by France Strategy, robots are far from invading your life, let alone steal your job .

Robots create new jobs

Behind every robot hides a team designers, engineers, designers, etc. The creation and development of robotic technology requires brain and human hands . According to France Strategy, the productivity gains achieved by companies with these robots, and these digital innovations have a positive impact on job creation.

This is far from some pessimistic predictions, the study says that only 15% of employees would be impacted by the “robolution” in Frace. In 2013, a famous American study announced that nearly half of the positions in the US (47%) would be occupied by machines in the next ten years.

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jobs “not automated” increasing …

the companies realize that all jobs are not automatable . In some professions, there is no substitute human interaction , instinct and the ability to anticipate. According to France Strategy, these trades “not automated” would be increased from 6.9 million in 1998 to 9.1 million in 2013. Let up 33% .

Innovations digital does not necessarily destroy business they turn them , make the change. And new professions appear, especially in the middle of the web and digital. Recall that the IT industry and digital is one of those who recruit the most . On the other hand, if the services are on the rise, the industry presence in the French economy becomes less important

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… but concerns that persist

Following the publication of this study, Olivier Marce published an article on the newspaper’s website “Les Echos”, in which he points out the weaknesses of the study France Strategy. According to this research engineer in telecom, the digital expansion could support high level of job relocation , which would therefore be paid at low cost. Also according to Olivier Marce, Internet sales may also terminate certain professions . Elements that are certainly taken into account.

However, if the technology advances, particularly in the field of vocational training where the teacher becomes companion of innovative machines, it is to see that a human presence is always necessary . What optimism

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