Friday, August 21, 2015

Connect BEAUCAIRE Opening a Fnac store devoted … – Objective Gard


The Mayor of Beaucaire Julien Sanchez accompanied by his deputy alongside management and employees of the new store Fnac Connect

Connect Fnac shop has just landed in the Carrefour shopping center at Beaucaire since early this week. A new franchise concept Fnac, the second in France after Angouleme, offering all new technology products.

Smartphones, connected objects, computer … At least 100 m2 Shop stamped Fnac dedicates its space to new technologies but be careful, you will find no cultural products like books, CDs, DVDs … For this, we must first place an order on the website and then Fnac, come shop retrieve their purchases. For Note: It is also possible to buy in this shop, all tickets for the Beaucaire performances (theater season, concerts, bullfighting events …) during the year.

To mark this opening, Mayor of Beaucaire Julien Sanchez had traveled with his deputy. Biota Manuel, the director “ Franchise and new formats ” the group Fnac were also present accompanied by Jean-Daniel Beurnier, CEO of Avenir Telecom (partner in Connect Fnac network).

This new store opening marks the will of the municipality of Beaucaire encourage local trade. For this, the municipality will contact owners of empty premises and proposes linking with future Traders in exchange for a payment guarantee rent . Alternatively rent directly by the town hall which then leases it space at the same price. “ The objective is to facilitate the relationship and the opening of new shops in the heart of the city. Now we study the future hirers records and we do not accept everything and anything indicate a source close to the town hall.

Tonight, it’s a hobby store that will open its doors, a project Reading Coffee is also in pipes without counting a haberdashery (sewing, embroidery .. .) which opened he are several weeks



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