Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New technologies in the service of home – Purchasing Decision

                 New technologies in hospitality service

At the office, in homes, universities: the shelves are now part of everyday life. In recent years, they also broke into all the places dedicated to welcome the public. Companies, museums, stations, institutions, exhibitions, events in hypermarkets … they have become indispensable supports the trades of home, called to consider this new dimension. The Penelope group, specialist in hospitality, event management and commercial animation, anticipated this technological change at work by incorporating in the heart of its business. “ These changes respond to basic issues of traceability, access to information and productivity, said Christophe Garinet, Penelope Director of Operations. The application that we developed allow increase efficiency and responsiveness, particularly in terms of visitor management . “

A lounge? Now hosts and hostesses know that a click such a visitor arrived, without having to seek the trace on their listing. “ With our application on tablet, full web product available to our customers, we have a completely independent tool that can adapt to their needs, without connection with their own system Information , “said Didier Pawlak, Director Penelope Group Information Systems.

meeting room booking, traceability of parcels received, registration of visitors in real time, number of visitors time slot or day, business peaks … the possible variations are limitless. “ With our tool full web, e-pack®, our hosts and hostesses have at their disposal all the necessary management tools to their business ,” notes Christophe Garinet. Turnkey brought tools to have a comprehensive reporting. “ Not only the e-pack® can be adapted to customer expectations , adds Christophe Garinet, but it offers a customized reporting with real-time visibility. The latest data foreclosures are immediately integrated and accessible “. An added value that is also part of a very current approach: zero paper and dematerialization. “ Now, with these tools, it’s over in the paper records to compile or consult ,” comments Christophe Garinet.

Consultable directly by the client, applications also allow for commercial operations animation to visualize the planning facilitators, and most importantly, to have key data in real time. “ We have developed many applications to share information with customers ,” said Christophe Garinet. With the added bonus of the ability to inject custom data for each: “ Concerned about the security of their system, customers benefit from a powerful software, tailored to their needs ,” notes Didier Pawlak .

And that is not all. To optimize the course of a performance, Penelope also sets up information sharing sites. “ Booklet instructions, quality reports, minutes of meeting: sharing site offers the rider a project, complete visibility into the entire operation, each employee also having access to its own data , “the Director of Operations Penelope. Another interesting tool: interactive kiosks. True complement to careers in hospitality, they can deliver information to visitors: “ One way to optimize their workflow ,” said Didier Pawlak. And, a process particularly suited to large companies or institutions that welcome visitors in droves.

All of these tools that are transforming the business of the reception and require training employees in their use. “ Today, a hostess is not necessarily static behind his desk , concludes Christophe Garinet. Demonstration of services and products of a company in a mall, membership proposals a loyalty program. It can accompany a visitor more pleasantly, without being cut off from its tools New technologies allow to offer innovative solutions for the home is more dynamic The business is changing “. . This dynamic home is set up, including the headquarters of the SNCF in Saint-Denis: equipped tablets and Bluetooth headsets, hosts and hostesses are now going to meet visitors, accompanying in exhibition spaces, inform dynamically … all in having permanent access to all the resources needed.


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