Monday, August 10, 2015

New technologies. The WalkCar, future urban transport? – West France

We knew the Segway and gyro wheel, here is WalkCar. Based on the same system as its counterparts, this board is controlled aluminum handlebar or without brakes, only with body movements. According to Reuters, this is a “portable carrier small enough to fit in a backpack” , unlike monoroues.

An autonomy of 12 km explains that WalkCar is powered by a lithium battery with a life of about 12 km, which recharges in three hours. It can withstand loads up to 120 kg and weighs two or three, depending on version. The video made by the company, quite impressive shows that the WalkCar heads with swinging body and stops at a glance, removing his feet.

Its creators believe that Guests can book their WalkCar on Kickstarter from autumn 2015 to just over 700 euros. Deliveries will begin next spring.


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