Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Study: new technologies are often not even … –

The more time passes, more automakers are looking to develop new technologies and complexity of the cars already loaded with electronics and computers. But what about the client side? According to an interesting study by JD Power, a large part of new car buyers are never used to these technologies

Study:. News technologies are often not even used by vehicle owners

Automakers are launched for a number of years in the fast-developing technology of all kinds: connectivity, driver assistance, and now autonomous car. Everything is there to assist the driver, brighten his journey with the media, sometimes even to saturate the information of all kinds. For my part, I had already stated in our columns that the abundance of technologies is mainly imposed by manufacturers (not a real need expressed by the customer base), and the recent study conducted by JD Power goes into this (the title of the study is suggestive: “ manufacturers spend billions in technologies that will are not even used by consumers “.)

According to the latter (which covers 4,200 buyers), “at least 20%” of new vehicle owners have never used 16 of the 33 technologies that were considered for the study. According to JD Power, 35% never use the assisted parking, or automatic parking system (which could yet prove useful), 33% have never used the HUD, or 32% have never used applications through connectivity.

Worse, 14 important technologies that are present in newer vehicles, as Apple carplay, Android Auto, voice control for messages or search by voice, not interested buyers who would “no” during their next purchase (if possible, of course …). Most “unwanted technologies” (those that are unwanted) concern connectivity and entertainment, especially among Generation Y (those born between 1977 and 1994).


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