Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Mine Training: using new technologies to … – CBC

         The National Institute of Mining wants to improve the mining training offer by creating a new position of project manager.

         According to President and CEO, Robert Marquis, this post will ensure the influence of mining training offered in Quebec.

         “The level of training that gives mining in Québec is still of a high standard and we think we can have a greater involvement in the international arena, which would lead our institutions to develop new customers, new approaches , new ways of doing things, he explains. Supporting educational institutions, supporting the mining companies, to benefit more. ”

          Focus on new technologies

         The new project manager, Valerie Belluhumeur, will first seek to take stock of actions taken by Québec educational institutions abroad. She then wants to build bridges between the different levels of education by focusing on new technologies.

         “For sure we are going to work a lot on distance training offer, she advance. We want to make training available online especially in the Francophonie. There are many things that are done in English-speaking networks. By cons, we are able to note that speaking level, the Quebec institutions have a lot of work to do to catch up with what is done elsewhere. ”

         The National Mining Institute wishes and mining companies and educational institutions forge stronger ties to improve the quality of the mine training.


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