Tuesday, August 4, 2015

#ILookLikeAnEngineer To knock sexism in the middle … – Liberation

Her name is Isis Anchalee and, yes, she is very pretty. But it also found that this young woman is an engineer, and it was more important that the information in the database. The US has agreed to pose for a recruitment campaign launched by his company, OneLogin, whose goal was to make people want to be an engineer. We see Isis on posters plastered here and there in San Francisco, in a simple black T-shirt, the hair down with a simple smile. Next to her picture, we read this quote from her: “My team is great. Everyone is intelligent, creative and very funny. “ ” I was not prepared for all the attention it drew upon me “, sorry the young woman in a post published this weekend on Medium.

For the poster did much talking. And not always for the better. “I think they want to attract women, but they will probably only attract guys , reacted a user on Facebook. I’m curious if a little bit intelligent people find this plausible an instant quote and whether women in particular swallow the image of what a software engineer looks like. “ ” If they want to attract more women, they had better choose a photo with a warm smile and friendly rather than a satisfied smile sexy “, responded another, mentioned by Techcrunch.

Isis is said geek “extremely introverted” , not not quite understand this outburst of reactions. “It is no any way to try to put a label” sample looks like an engineer. ” It’s just I, an example of A engineer with OneLogin , if she bothers. This pub is said to be genuine. These are supposed to be my words, my face, and in this case it is the “

Obviously, quite embarrassed by this exposure. – ” be known is the one of my biggest nightmares “ -, the young woman decided to take the opportunity to divert attention from his person to attract the sexism that exists in the environment of new technologies. “It is only a publicity campaign and targeted engineers. It is not intended to be marketée to a particular genre – this kind of segregation perpetuates sexist mindset in this industry “ Does alert. Especially, she noted that another ad featuring a man in his underwear was not so much talking

And to quote this particular time a delicate man threw dollars on his workplace. “There are certain types of behavior that no one should have to endure in a professional environment” , pleads Isis. She then launched a hashtag on Twitter, #ILookLikeAnEngineer to advocate gender diversity in the field of technology and “redefine” what an engineer should look “” .

His appeal was heard, since the hashtag was used nearly 17 000 times, and number of women are entered to show what looks like an engineer: to anyone, as in any job



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