Saturday, August 15, 2015

Making the most of new technology – Paris Turf

Institution and Professional Published Saturday, August 15, 2015 at 20:30

to the image of what is done for several years for football and Formula 1, horse racing should take the turn of multicamera and drones.

This change in the way of filming and disseminating races can only please and attract viewers. Imagine you can select via a smartphone app or tablet camera mounted the horse that you just played.

We were able to get a glimpse through the GoPro Frankie Dettori at the Ascot meeting. The images speak for themselves. We can also imagine being able to watch the replay of the race through one of the other cameras more or less far from the pack, with a drone camera for an overview …

It certainly expensive device could be up initially for the big races and so introduce these techniques in the equestrian world. With the use of trackers, an application that would allow for real-time information about smartphone and tablet as well as the precise view of the positions in a squad is possible.

As much data and information techniques that will appeal to the younger generation and provide valuable information to punters as they will be analyzed for future races.

Let’s be crazy, pushing the development of new technologies also on racetracks with binoculars “smart” via which could follow the race and have technical data pop, the highlight of his or her favorite horses to follow more easily when two coats are alike. A track for research and development binoculars manufacturers whose parent companies should be closer, because too little is highlighting this indispensable tool for punters on racetracks.

Sébastien Lambert, President of the Turfistes National Federation (FNT).

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