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How Apple threatens Internet advertising – Tribune de Genève

For each of our passages on the Internet, more or less interesting pubs intrusive assail the screen of our computers. We have all experienced those videos that start automatically, these forms that burst in the foreground or to these waiting times that require us to watch an ad.

This market Online advertising is growing: investment in these ads will represent, in 2015, 170 billion dollars (about 164 billion), according to the specialized website eMarketer. American giants Google and Facebook are the primary beneficiaries, respectively holding 38% and 17% market share.

But the software exists to prevent advertisements impair playback on the Web, are the “Ad Block”. And a third Web giant, Apple (AAPL 112.76 – 0.47% ) is well aware that many users are irritated by this advertising, sometimes very invasive

<. p> As part of the launch of its latest operating system iOS 9 in September, the California firm predicted that the first version allows and facilitates the use of “Ad Block” extensions. A beautiful rat race is to be expected between the titans of the Internet.

Easier to use

Yannick Dürst, founder and CEO of the company Geneva Atipik – first Swiss company to offer an application connected to the watch Apple – summarizes how these programs: “The principle of a Adblocker is the same as that of a virus, it detects in the pages you see the ads that are inserted and it replaces either a blank area or removes the HTML code in the page, which results not to display the ads. “One of the best known systems is adblockplus , created in 2006 by Wladimir Palant as an extension of Firefox search engine. According to Ben Williams, spokesman for the system, which is managed by the German firm based in Cologne EYEO GmbH, adblockplus counts currently more than 400 million downloads.

This success demonstrates expectations Internet users. And developments promised by Apple will undoubtedly simplify these systems. “Before you had to be a” geek “to control them. But not anymore. If iOS 9 facilitates their use, ad blockers will be open to the public, “says Xavier Studer, who writes a blog on new technologies.

While some see it as a nuisance, others see a major resource. This is explained a spokesman for Google: “Online ads enable services and sites to remain free on the Web.” Today, it is largely thanks to the publicity the Web – including the online press – remain mostly free. Using these online advertisements blockers reduced revenues websites and sometimes put in danger. Indeed, online ads relate to the number of page views or clicks on them. More people use ad blockers, unless the ads are seen and sites collect less money for their operation. The spokesman for Google calls these systems “symptoms of bad experiences online consumer.” Google has every reason to see the ad blockers with suspicion since advertising represents about 90% of the revenues of the company in the first quarter of 2015. And it is the same for Facebook, whose share of Advertising revenues amounted in 2014 to 92% of its turnover. As a number of companies, these large groups depend on online advertising and live.

“A frontal attack”

If the advertisements are banned from Apple devices, the consequences could be serious for many companies. “In 2014, over $ 11.8 billion in advertising revenue earned by Google and from smartphones or tablets, $ 8.9 billion came through the iPhone and iPad manufactured by Apple,” according to an estimate of the bank Goldman Sachs relayed by Yannick Dürst.

He said the next launch prepared by the Cupertino company is “a frontal attack against Google” since Apple will not only develop the use of adblockers on these devices directly, but indirectly it could democratize their use on computer. “The free Internet that we know today is brought to disappear” after the founder of Atipik. Many websites, including many media, live online ads. “Change the display of a web page that was published with ads back to remove advertising in newspapers or to remove billboards without even asking your permission,” said Xavier Studer.

The development of ad blockers is a danger to the current economic model of the web. This expert also recalls that the “Ad Block” does not work on the applications of the firm at the apple: Apple can thus channeling advertising. Yannick Dürst also sees a means among others to do it go through the applications to use as little as possible the search engines. Interest in Apple is of course because economic levies taxes on income it distributes all applications. Advertising is the heart of the free Internet model, a spokesman for Google said that his group “continues to invest in advertising to make it more meaningful and useful for users, ensuring they have the choice of what they see, and help publishers to finance their content. ” But the hatchet seems unearthed


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