Thursday, August 6, 2015

How France has inoculate new technologies … – Next INpact

The Thévenoud Act of 1 October 2014 initiated two movements restrain the development of new technologies in the world of VTC under criminal threat, learn in the more traditional taxis. We found out today that France is preparing to operate this second installment. Fasten your seatbelts.

How to taxi to date smartphone and applications that have been delighting users UberPOP or Trekking ? Simple. The key measure of this road map is based on “ a record availability of taxi “, a real nursery “ innovative services ” if you believe the Code Article L3121-11-1 transport.

This register will consist of a database fed by operators taxi , which abreuveront information regarding the availability and the location of each vehicle in real time, on the entire national territory. The idea is then, search engines and application vendors can come foraging data, serving customers. But this technological revolution will not be a crazy violence: setting 2.0 taxi 1.0 is only a possibility, not an obligation. And this is the aforementioned article that says, without nuance, with four little letters: “ operator (…) can transmit the information to the registry manager … . “

In a draft decree notified Brussels that we have just discovered, the government drafted in any case to follow the track for this soft revolution. He intends to register that this music “ aims to modernize the taxi driver profession and enhance the monopoly of marauding extended to electronic marauding, to improve the matching of supply and demand Taxi “explains the executive.

Commitments on the shoulders of Etalab …


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