Friday, August 28, 2015

Drivers do not use new technologies … – The Digital Factory

 The vehicle is connected pssssccchhiiit !!! This is essentially a summary of a study of the American firm JD Power, published on August 25. “ The manufacturers spend billions for technologies that many consumers do not use “, here its title evocative. In this study of 4200 people, new owners of vehicles equipped with assistance systems and connected driving services, JD Power noted that 20% of drivers do not use half of these technologies.


  No need assistance to park

 “ The technologies that drivers admit to usually never use the concierge service are accessible from the passenger compartment (43%), embedded routers (38%), the parking aid (35%) the HUD (33%) and domestic applications (32%) “JD Power surveys. 20% of respondents do not want to see happen in their vehicle on-board interfaces carplay Apple or Google android auto.


  No technophiles, but not technophobes

 These figures do not mean that drivers interviewed are technophobes. “ In many cases, drivers simply prefer to use their smartphone or tablet because their use is right for them and their familiar ,” says Kristin Kolodge, operational director of research on the human-machine interface at JD Power. But in many cases, customers are simply not aware of the possibilities offered by their vehicles, including their dealers because they have never demonstrated.


  Lack of involvement of dealers

 “ Drivers must use embedded technologies very quickly when they acquire the vehicle, otherwise they simply use their smartphone instead of these services ” summarizes Kristin Kolodge. Result: a lot of money lost for manufacturers and consumers. JD Power therefore stresses the central role of sales channels in the acceptance and use of new technologies, a point that had perhaps not sufficiently taken into account manufacturer today. Some technological innovations, certainly the oldest, still acclaimed emerge from this study:. Monitoring the condition of the vehicle, adaptive cruise control or blind spot detection system


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