Monday, August 3, 2015

Connected objects, potential targets for hacking – Cross

A made in Las Vegas conference one of its main themes of reflection

Piracy remotely connected end of a car in July 2015 by two scientists -. They were managed to stop the engine and brake control – monitoring the recall of 1.4 million vehicles by the manufacturer Fiat Chrysler, the question of the safety of connected devices, more and more in our daily


The Black Hat conference, event specialist in computer security that is held from Sunday, August 2 in Las Vegas, making it one of its main themes. A presentation will return to this worrisome event.

Demonstrate a reality

We’ll show the car hacking reality by making the exact demonstration how a ranged attack works against a vehicle and leaving unaltered factory , “promised Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, the two” pirates “.

n It has not yet seen an airplane or car fall off the road, as far as we know, but these are problems that we face , “said Raj Samani, vice president of security at manufacturer Intel.

“Not a priority for most manufacturers’

The explosion of the number of connected objects (watches, locks, counters electrical, etc.) containing data treasures on their owners, also increases the risk. By protecting access requires increased cost, as manufacturers seek to maintain low and attractive prices.

Given the insecurity that we see regularly, Clearly this is not a priority for most manufacturers , “said Cesar Cerrudo, chief technology officer of another computer security company.

If the problems are not more This is largely because the people who could make these hacks “ do not see interest “, including financial support, provides the scientific Christopher Kruegel. “ But when you have a kid who is bored or someone who likes to create chaos, there will be a problem ,” he warns.


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