Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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Ben walks you through the geek world

n is not because we are in Ardèche that is not connected. It is on this principle that Benjamin Alexanian founded the site in July 2013.

The site, 100% Ardèche, is entirely dedicated to new technologies, but aims to be accessible to the greatest number. “I am absolutely passionate about new technologies since I was 14″ , says the young man who now has 28. “I am a true geek, I assume. But I want to share my passion, make available technology “.

On the site, it features articles on news of new technologies, it has live coverage of course the conference in Apple there two weeks but also practical advice as evidenced by one of his last articles, “how to report spam” or “what if my phone fell in the water” (do not laugh, it happens to all world …). He is even willing to give advice to those who wish to purchase a smartphone, for example.

Well, nickname of the site’s creator, also organizes competitions in sizes from interviews the middle … and offers objects store in connection with the new technologies and for once, very very geek. Loved the USB cup warmer with finally his tea / coffee hot when working on the computer. Friends readers that “new technologies” is still a dirty word, this site should help you see more clearly. And for connoisseurs who want to share their information, Benjamin welcomes new feathers.

Pauline Frisian


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