Monday, April 6, 2015

And new technologies, it is the time of youth! – Agency Central African Information

Try to arrange a test-contest in which two electives are planned, namely “Social Sciences” and “new technologies”, you will see that young people are going to err on the side of new technologies while adults will naturally choose the social sciences. No comments to make these young people, because it is the science of the present generation.

Before talking about the thirst that young people have for new technologies, first try to define this term new technologies that returns without risk of error, to the various fields of technology. It can have a broader meaning and serve thereby “high technology” or a narrow sense to what and to concern that “new information technologies and communication ‘(ICT), including the Internet, Smartphone, Bluetooth and many more.

This thirst of youth is seen in the neighborhoods and in the city centers of our cities. Watch out! Under sheds, young people looked at their computers and explain to others, sitting or standing, how to create a facebook account. Very attentive, the young people who want to know everything about the Internet religiously follow the explanations of their supervisors circumstance. In almost almost all city centers, we read here and there, “Cyber-Café”, “Internet Café”, “Games-Videos” and others. In these areas, the age of the “customer” is between 12 and 17 years. Some are in learning, others are trying to navigate and others are trying to understand the benefits of the Internet by exploiting the various hidden features that can have a particular site. This is a real thermometer ratio “New Technologies / Youth.”

This thirst of youth for new technologies that some call the “juvenile Technophilia” is due in part to the fact that young minds too receptive and open to the requirements of this new field of knowledge while the adults presents some inertia and remains nostalgic old knowledge. No, we have not said that adults do not crave new technologies, but we want to emphasize both the desire and readiness of young people to new technologies. Notice: even at the micro level of the family circle, when a father buys a new mobile phone with multiple functions, it is always the child who helps him enter the other complicated functions and hidden

. Another observation is that, when a company whatsoever, is created by a young, the first thing is the installation of the Internet as if it is an adult who created it would first sit administrative structure and organize the rest afterwards. This is also where the thirst of technology by young people.

Yes, the spirit of youth has thirst for new technologies that are socio-entrepreneurial necessity today. But it becomes dangerous if the desire is becoming a “technologism” that would take young people’s thirst for more knowledge.


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