Friday, April 3, 2015

Economic Auto Mazda will present new technologies … – (press release) (blog)


Participation in this event dedicated to sharing ideas and innovative experiences in all areas is part of the philosophy of the Japanese brand, which had already launched the site ” ”, an unconventional reflection forum for people sharing the same values ​​as the manufacturer, who likes to go out of the box.


Commenting on the partnership between Mazda and extended TEDxCarthage Bassem Loukil, of Economic Auto CEO, said: “The similarities and synergies between Mazda and TEDx are obvious and, as a brand, we want to encourage thinking Unconventional through our partnership with this event, “.


The example referring to the “ rebellious thought ” of the Mazda brand is the famous rotary engine. In the late 1950s, many car manufacturers have devoted huge budgets in research and development but all are ultimately discouraged face significant technical challenges posed by this technology. Except Mazda, the only one who persevered, overcoming obstacles one after another, to finally achieve true industrial production.


Constantly improved, more efficient, more reliable, always pleasant and even seductive, Mazda rotary engine-equipped cars have earned an excellent reputation and are still produced today. Mazda has always created products that revolutionize the auto industry, and this tradition is born its culture of innovation.


Among the many exclusives figure prominently brand strategy – resolutely innovative – relief, which helped give birth to a new generation of vehicles equipped with SKYACTIV technology, which is set to revolutionize the automotive sector by establishing new standards by their low fuel consumption levels and emissions of greenhouse effect, and unmatched driving pleasure.


Economic Auto SKYACTIV technology that will be honored during the extended TEDxCarthage conference with a dedicated stand, which will allow visitors an interactive experience out of the ordinary, comfortably viewing the brand and enjoying quality video its Bose headsets available to them.


Remember that the Mazda 6 is it equipped with the famous Bose sound system.


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