Saturday, April 25, 2015

New BMW 7 Series: full of new technologies –

Until his presentation at the Frankfurt show in September, BMW gives us the first technical advances in information étrennées by the new generation 7 Series.

After a long career of 7 years, it will soon be time for the fifth generation BMW 7 Series to make way for a new model. While sales volumes are not as significant as the lower segments, competition remains fierce in the segment of limousines. The star Mercedes S Class has been completely renewed two years ago, bringing a lot of new like the Magic Body Control system associated with the air suspension, while the Audi A8 has received a big discount to date last year, inaugurating the intelligent light system Led Matrix.

BMW gives us today the first information about the new limo and it should in turn be remembered. First, we learn that the sixth-generation 7 Series will be a showcase for the plastic reinforced with carbon fiber (CFRP) for its body and structure of its interior, which will allow it to display an average of 130 kg less than the current model. It should thus catch face behind its competitors Audi A8 and Jaguar XJ, which were previously ahead on this. Mechanically, the Munich firm tells us that it will adopt a new six-cylinder biturbo last generation (derived from the M3 and M4?), Combined with eight-speed automatic transmission.

 bmw 7 (5)

One of the greatest advances of this new model will, however, its ability to be able to park independently, without nobody is present inside. The car will be able to park in a parking space alone or in a garage, while his driver command key operations from the outside with the key. With this new function will use the 7 Series for the first time on a production car, BMW is taking another step towards the autonomous car.

The brand also announced the arrival of all new features in the area infotainment, including the inauguration of the gesture recognition through a 3D sensor that will detect hand movements. Again, this will be a first in the automotive world. We also learn that the 7 Series will have a new touch screen central, suggesting that the traditional round knob iDrive lose its importance. Finally, the pictures of the dashboard leave us guessing digital instrumentation combined could approach the Virtual Cockpit system launched by Audi competitor in the new TT , with among others the display of the Navigation beside counters.




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