Monday, April 20, 2015

TEC goes to new technologies, new habits … – RTBF

First change: the precious, essential for traveling, MOBIB card. This unique card is the Walloon town bus network, SNCB, STIB and soon to De Lijn in Flanders.

“One card to load ultimately all contracts mobility or mobility securities public transport companies in Belgium “ explains Stéphane Thiery is the marketing director of TEC group.

Subscriptions or map of a day, different opportunities Purchase: the internet, in TEC spaces, in one of 170 automatic vending or via an extensive network of partners soon 1500

“These are bookstores, night shop, these are shops. proximity, “said Stéphane Thiery

Finally, another habit to. the ticket validation method:” Every time we get on a bus, and even correspondence, you must pass this card Contactless before a validator. If it is in order, it beeps and the person can move the bus. “

To ease the transition, additional agents will help drivers and especially help travelers Tuesday morning and throughout the week: “A great mobilization of the entire TEC staff to support our customers in this new”

If you are not yet equipped with the Mobib card, no. panic: a trip tickets will still be available on the bus. But beware, it must remain an exception. They are also a bit more expensive.

Rudy Hermans


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