Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What new technologies for Barca and Real? – Boursorama

in their arms race, Blaugrana and Merengues have engaged in various technological paris. GPS jumpers of the analysis software, the two giants of La Liga will want at the forefront of innovation. But what will be their next purchases so 2.0? Travel in a not so distant future.

  • A DeLorean DMC-12
    For several years, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are experiencing a common partner. And this is not the Spanish judiciary. With four rings and its string of top models, Audi serves as a link between the two behemoths. Q7 and TT, A3 or S8, all components of the two numbers have the right to their toy. Despite many innovations, the German brand can meet the expectations of Messrs Bartomeu and Perez. Dada of big boss Barcelona and Madrid, is to acquire remote controlled cars. Thus, adios the nights out of Brazilians on Ramblas or controversies birthdays to CR7. Revenue future, Dr. Emmett Brown offers them a partnership in gold: a DeLorean DMC-12 blaugrana for some, white meringue for others. In return, the Doc wants an almanac matches of Real and Barca in the coming years. The partnership, parking in the Ciudad Real Madrid and Masia therefore meet that fund the gates butterflies. Without a license, will KB9 him the right to his hoverboard .
  • Investing in bitcoin
    Bigger budgets of world football, the most indebted clubs also, Barca and Real are cash machines. The tens of millions of euros and going without interruption. Through a merchandising pushed to the extreme, they are even willing to make concessions on the distribution of tv rights and do not care about financial fair play imposed by UEFA. Despite their association status, so they remain the kings of football capitalism. Always at the forefront, they are about to embark on a parallel economy: bitcoin. The what? Electronic money, it is completely virtual. Although seen it wrong ?? by European and American governments, the bitcoin offers many opportunities to diversify the economies of both sporting and financial giants. With this, they hope to find new targets. Geeks are the first to ask about this news. Obviously attracted to such innovation, they buy shovel equally virtual jerseys through this treasure dotcom. Best fans WoW and Sims dress their characters and white liquette …
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