Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Common sense is it the enemy of some new technologies? – The Huffington Post

FICTION – A new application on your phones allowing Mr Everybody to slip into the shoes of a reporter filming and retransmitting live event will be followed by thousands or even millions of online just released …

into the train I met a fugitive cap on his head, threatening look and IPhone hand sneaking among travelers … A tragedy had occurred, a woman had just been mugged …

A brave man stood up in the wagon filled with spectators invited to the forefront without invitations and shouts: “Do not worry madam I found all filmed! ”

To which the woman replied, “oh really ?! But you could intervene”
To which the man replied, “Yes, but if I intervene, filming?”
“Yes, but you could have prevented the attack?”
she said “Yes, but you would not have had no proof of your aggression?” Does he retorted, brandishing his sword smartphone as e justice.
“My black eye and my broken teeth are proof enough t me it seems? ..” affirmed the young woman
“In a court ? Impossible. On the other hand you were with thousands of users who followed the live stage that will witness the appalling cowardice of this man and this applies all courts of the world, “he insisted on it.

“Besides the first comments coming … I read you .. Greg78 said!” Lol tooth flying in slow motion ” Sonia75 says “too good her purse!” Antonio Brussels said “it’s a plot we can see that this is a man” You see madam? People like you!
“And the bravery, what do you good sir?” she replied weakened by pain.
“It’s expensive new implementation madame?” …
“No c is a value dear sir, like courage, honesty and generosity!
“Sorry but I have not been updating madame”
“Shame on you sir!”
“I do it in the name of dear madam information, people have the right to know! Thanks to me the world has lived live your aggression, but do not worry, I have blurred private parts “

” And you call that information? “
‘C’ Funny that’s exactly what this man said to me before flowing over the bridge! “
” Shame! “
” Freedom of expression madame! In the name of freedom that I’ve filmed your aggression “
” But then Sir! This man could rape me you realize? “
” What a pity Madame, with rape is exceeded Norman and Cyprien on YouTube! “
” I transfer you the video Lady … “Long minutes marching and once finished downloading ambulance could finally look forward lady …
watching the video, she turned to the man and said, “I will carry two complaints, one for assault and another for not helping a person in danger!”
To which he replied, “eyeGO thee paste bitch !!” and again he assaulted the woman who had just been mugged …
People around had no courage, they have disgusted me, so I have done! I filmed everything! Vive the information!
#jaitoutesmesdents #reportersansethique

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