Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Henin-Beaumont: how new technologies … – La Voix du Nord

Exit trucks and forklifts. For this fourth edition, Just log in to the organizers, the Euralogistic center of excellence and logistical Club 59-62, have focused on technology trends very high level. “ Today is the innovative and playful side of logistics that is set before , says Laurent Desprez, general delegate of Euralogistic, is the logistics industry . “For him, the future of logistics lies in the different concepts that were invited to the show.

Among the forty exhibitors, four of them offered a demonstration new technology. Scallog and shelf that moves alone, Generix and glasses guiding pickers, Stereograph and intelligent virtual reality system and connected or Audacity and immersive driving simulator. All ways for all logistics providers, carriers, service logistics, to improve life in their businesses. But not that …

Also present at the show, Aftral, transportation training and logistics center, and specifically its director Alain Posmyk, takes advantage of the forum to soak up new trends. “ we must be aware of the new technologies to adapt training to the needs of student interns , he says, so they can best stick to the picture of the current logistics. It is important to have a good view of the market. “National Training Leader, the cluster hosts for close to 2,000 apprentices a year, offering training ranging from CAP to bac +5. The journey of Alain Posmyk through the aisles of Just log in, allowed him to discover the innovative tools of the moment, which will integrate its training programs. The “ networking operation ” desired by the organizers seem successful.

Prepare eyes closed cardboard. Or almost. The control operators will soon be able to experience it. Generix, Villeneuvois company specializing in the design of management software, has embarked on the design of special glasses to prepare orders.

The concept is simple, put on the glasses, look at the flash code. Transparency appears a product, one that you need to integrate with the order, and next, a figure that corresponds to the desired amount by the client. Put sideline products, validate the pad of the phone connected to the glasses and repeat the operation for other products. At the end of the chain, a message “ successful mission ” indicates that the command is complete. “ This minimizes the risk of errors , enlightens Cyril Barbarin, project engineer at Generix Supply Chain, you can also adjust the system with a guide attached to the ear rather on the eyes. “If the prototype is already in its second version, it should fall into the hands of professional e-commerce as oscaro.com which Generix works with.


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