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Dentures. New technologies hold jobs – West France Businesses

5250 dental technicians companies and 21 250 professionals in 2002. 3,800 companies and 17,900 professionals in 2013. How do you explain this fall?

In ten years, more than 27% of laboratories denture disappeared. For years, our companies suffer from importing dentures from countries with low cost of labor, pushing laboratories in a price war. Currently, import is about 30% of the number of prostheses implanted in France, a huge shortfall especially as the remaining work are not necessarily the most profitable.

+ Saint Malo. Jean-Marie, then apprentice dental technician

Other causes?

The competition from manufacturers who tend to develop their business directly with dentists develops. In addition, the arrival of new technologies push the profession to a certain mutation and consolidation. To maintain our business, we must develop and display our unique expertise and quality of work in the relationship we have with everyday dental practice.

This industry is work 4,200 business leaders and 13,700 employees. In 2013 he hired 1,500 people for 2250 departures. With many upcoming retirement (48% of business leaders for over 50 years) it is hoped hiring?

Although the number of laboratories decreases, the number of active remains constant due to the natural turnover of professionals. As the profession is changing and that his wish is to strive for a genuine status recognized, the need for qualified personnel is increasingly felt. Indeed, the counterpart of the arrival of the CFAO (Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing) in our laboratories, is the emergence of new skills and more technical. That is why we want to develop the training to be able to bring to our business, professionals who will take up the profession.

Your business represented a turnover of 1 2 billion in 2013. Is it increasing or decreasing?

Compared to 2012, the profession of sales remained stable, given the different competitions, laboratories are not all affected the same way. This does not prevent the laboratories to invest and grow. Quite the contrary! A one-year intervals there was a 24% increase of the amount of investment and at present 45% of the laboratories are equipped with CFAO.

Why dentures (crowns , implants …) are they so expensive for the patient? Emmanuel Macron would like a quote dentists indicate the purchase price of the prosthesis. Do you support this idea?

In France, it is the dentist who prescribes the denture and sets its rates. The demands for years UNPPD transparency. Why would a patient still does not know where and by whom the prosthesis was fabricated? Dentists are yet in possession of the certificate of conformity must submitted by dental laboratories and should be returned automatically to the patient. More dentists have got to have included the sale price of dentures on conventional estimates, we claim the display of the actual cost of dentures at the exit of the laboratory.

What would be the solution or solutions to reduce this gap and especially for the patient to be better reimbursed? Without increasing the hole Safely.

The treatments have not been revalued since tens of years, UNPPD is positioned on the revaluation of care for dentists receive Fees at fair value, separated from the cost of manufacturing dentures.

Interview by Jean-Jacques DOWN.


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