Sunday, April 19, 2015

“New technologies are involved in developing … – Le Vif

The Belgian Deputy Prime Minister listed a series of developments

on development aid. According to him, private flows to these

countries have increased fivefold since 2000, so that at present, the

private investments exceed official assistance to countries

Development in Asia, South America and Africa.

“In a changing world, funding

development must also evolve,” he says. “Public support should remain

important, but it must serve the poorest countries.”

According to the minister, “an intelligent development finance is

necessary for the emergence of private capital and

own budget. The budget available Assistance Development

must be invested effectively, “he added, noting that

The World Bank is on the right track.

“We must ensure that the amount goes in hand with the

quality that supply and demand are balanced, and the means

to be used so effective to reach the most disadvantaged. “

For the minister, we must invest in particular


the digital divide between countries. According to him, the World Bank

is well positioned to support universal access to the Internet. “The

new technologies involved in the development of societies”

he continues. “Sub-Saharan Africa, over 55% of the population does

no identity document. Now with identity cards

Electronic, people could access more easy to healthcare

and education. “

According to him, women tend to invest more in health care

health and well -be their families than men. Therefore,

“if women have access to online payment services, they

can more easily invest in the future of their children.”

Alexander De Croo, who was in New York earlier in the week

to a UN meeting, had stressed the importance of

Scan for funding of development. He took part

the first negotiations on the draft outcome document

Conference on Financing for Development, to be held in

July in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).

This agreement should focus on new


sustainable development, which will be adopted in September for a summit

the UN and that will be more wider than the millennium goals.



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