Thursday, April 2, 2015

Pont-Audemer / Cormeilles: Post painfully changing face … – Paris Normandie (Register)

The popular image was strongly marked by François factor, the famous character of Jacques Tati Feast Day , with its tired bike and multi-function carrying case. But there is a long time that this kind of factor no longer roaming the streets

La Poste has been modernized, has optimized its methods and even now is changing.; a particularly difficult challenge in the new century where everything goes so fast, too fast at times.

Unions cringe

The mail center Pont Audemer Cormeilles and distribution center just taken the brunt of this restructuring, with four rounds deleted unreplaced driving two retirements and two internally reclassified positions. An adaptation , says the Regional Directorate of the Post Office, of the organization necessitated face the significant decrease in the volume of mail handled. But this restructuring is done without termination.

And the important word is an understatement when estimating the decrease is 50% for 2020: sending e-mail rather than mail, invoices and statements of accounts available on the Internet are the most obvious examples. Welcome to the digital age!

Without dismissal So, certainly, but not without grinding the union side. Isabelle Lemercier, a letter carrier in Pont-Audemer and local representative SUD PTT says: Four rounds have been erased. This does of course nothing will change for people because in fact the 49 letters tours are well done but by factors 45 instead of 49, and with no benefit to load extra work.

One factor 2.0

To which the one could argue that given the decline in mail volume, the additional load must be balanced. Except that the factor today not just deliver letters …

The factor missions have evolved considerably explains Isabelle Lemercier: There notably the raising of the EDF counters, the Recy’go Service (collection of papers users from companies, Editor’s note) , with the distribution of personal delivery mail order catalogs, the supply of drugs to people who can not travel, etc. We have commissioned a consultancy firm which found that certain factors in the time allotted work, do not have time to sell their charge.

In the end, the restructuring of La Poste looks like a Chinese puzzle: combine maintaining jobs and public service while losing half of a large business (mail) make new missions while remaining La Poste, that’s what the meninges stir well for a few years …


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