Sunday, April 19, 2015

Older always more in tune with new technologies – FranceTV info

The times are changing. Today, it has only 30% of seniors who say they are overwhelmed by the computer. 12 million seniors are connected to the Internet and high-tech tools.

Michel, 71, discusses Skype once a week with his little son. “It brings us” , he confides in France 2. For two years he attended group classes organized by the municipality for five euros a year. “You have to keep up with my grandchildren, because we are quickly overwhelmed!” , he laughed.

Odile, she follows home course. It is quieter but also more expensive: 56 euros on average for a course in 1:30. The trainer can take time to teach. “The computer language is complicated” , recognizes Yohan, Professor at 123 Computing. So it ensures “explain in simple words to convey to the person that there is nothing difficult” .


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