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Bachelor, national education adapts to new … – Cross

More broadly, the growth of the Internet and new technologies will require the Department of Education to rethink the exam passing conditions.

The Department Education will impose specific calculators bachelor within three years. This anti-fraud measure, published April 2 in the Official Journal, aims to prevent cheating in exams.


2018, high school students who have programmed in their cribs calculator can not see them. They will have the choice between two types of machines: a classic calculator, flat and non-programmable, or programmable with a “review mode.” Once in this mode, it becomes impossible to access the internal memory of the device. Signal light flashes on the high side of the calculator, signifying the supervisor that the candidate is not looking at a formula or a registered theorem. The “Review Mode” also blocks the transmission distance data by wireless and Bluetooth.

This note ministry puts an end to legal uncertainty existed. Indeed, the circular of 1999 which authorizes the use of calculators bachelor does not explicitly prohibit the applicant to consult during the examination of the recorded formulas.


In Denmark, authorities went even further. Internet consultation is allowed during examinations since 2010. bac therefore can find formulas, science diagrams or economic concepts on the net. The country was the first in the world to allow the use of tablets or computers for many baccalaureate exams. It has adapted to the practices of the students, who have also the right to use the Internet in assessments throughout the school year and can therefore feed their copies through Google and Wikipedia.

Avoid “copy / paste”

The freedom of students to the canvas, however, not total: their screens are controlled during the examination. It is forbidden to use automatic translators and IM. Topics are redesigned to avoid the “copy / paste”. Moreover, compared to the French tank, the Danish ferry mobilizes less knowledge learned by heart. It therefore does not encourage cramming, but focuses more on the ability to analyze and synthesize the candidates.

“Internet will be allowed to tray” predicts a specialist

Is it possible for France to take in turn reflect new technologies in tests and examinations? “The tank, in its current form, can not survive to technical developments” , says Claude Lelièvre. For the historian of education, high school students will use “sooner or later” Internet at the undergraduate level. “We can not escape it. Given the number of technologies within reach, the Internet will be allowed in the next 5 to 10 years bac “ prognostic historian.

Instead of resisting an inevitable trend, more is, according to this expert, prepare to “rethink the bac exam” by modifying the statements. And involve subjects that stimulate the creativity of students rather than requiring them a “parroting” what they have learned by heart. Claude Lelièvre also advocates “authorization of courses and additional documents during the examination, as is already the case in several French universities” .


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