Saturday, April 25, 2015

When new technologies are invading your garden –

Applications and new technologies will definitely suit all needs! With the arrival of spring, designers and developers provide you with high-tech gardening equipment. To plant, prune and harvest with confidence, discover Netatmo, Parrot Flower Power mower Indego 1200 Connect!

The technology interferes in all areas to make it ever easier daily nice and futuristic! This time, designers and developers put their expertise at the service of gardening, strong leisure enjoyed by the French.

The rain or shine with Netatmo

Before you take care of the plants, it must have an idea of ​​the weather. The Netatmo weather station came into the picture to give you all the relevant information directly to your smartphone. With its constant internet connection, you now have at hand the essential data on rainfall or temperatures. Wherever you are and whenever you want, the device informs you. Longer worth going outside, this application is as Madame Sun of your gardening sessions!

Attentive to flowers Parrot Flower Power

Every gardener knows that each plant has its own needs. This is the reason for Parrot Flower Power. This handy object that plant in a flower pot measure the needs of the plant. Equipped with highly sensitive sensors and connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy, this gadget identifies the needs of water plants, light, fertilizer … then retransmits it on your mobile. Clever.

Vive automation, with the mower Indego

This year, Bosh reinvents the mower! For your enjoyment, make you discover the Indego 1200 Connect. This model, controllable via a tablet, smartphone or Smart Gardening application, perfectly maintain your lawn. Programmable, it can be activated remotely. Very fast (30% faster than other models), the Indego can mow up to 1200 m 2 without problems

. Source: Echoes from the Touquet


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