Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The use of new technologies in your garden – The Future of Artois

Your smartphone, a gardening assistant?
Some companies have developed tools connected to your camera to take care of your plants. You just have to put your plant in the ground, add an electronic tool connected to your device and follow the warnings of the application that measures the humidity, temperature, brightness …
communities helping each other!
On Facebook, communities are created to share information, photos, but also some secrets to cure his plants. Aid that is not negligible because it is completely free and public, we have taken as an example page Want Garden, available at:. Http://fr-fr.facebook.com/EnvieDeJardin
applications on your store
More and more gardening related applications appear whether paid or free. We chose Pl @ ntNet, a free application available on iPhone and soon on Android; it will identify a plant according to the picture you take. Besides being free, she already has a directory of over 1000 species. The garden is also free application that lists gardening cards as well as video tutorials.


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