Monday, January 18, 2016

Andorra also attracts new communication technologies –

Aude Born and raised in Castelnaudary Andorran for over 20 years, Frédéric Pons has developed its audiovisual communication enterprise in the principality. For Andorra, it is also the technology now.

Andorra la Vella, the info displayed continuously on the MoraBanc. Stock quotes in real time, national and international business news or local short: LED strip broadcasts in real time, Meritxell Avenue, the main shopping artery of the capital. At a glance, the tourist as the Andorran can remain connected to the news.

“But I also team shopping centers, public facilities, ski resorts” while accurate to the establishment Frédéric Pons, founder of COMTV. He by whom this communication by the image arrived in Andorra … and most powerful LED, too, these LED screens that are revolutionizing today and new architectures.

Frédéric Pons? He was born February 15, 1959 in Quillan, applause. “Because that day, General de Gaulle was passing through on his way to Perpignan,” he says, laughing.

Chaurien Andorran

square shoulders, hair ras, yet it is the country cassoulet sauce and rugby Spanghero he grew up, in Castelnaudary. “Pocket tray, I then joined the coaching staff of C17 at the time leader of jeans in France and in 1984, I was posted in Andorra,” he recalls. Where he definitely puts his suitcases, started a family, obtains Andorran nationality in 1992 and … returns to its childhood passion. “Electronics”

The niche is then to equip hotels in satellite reception to TVs. “That’s how I founded in 1998 COMTV before specialize four years later in the dynamic communication and image creation with my partner Amàlia Valles,” he said.

TV Monitors, videowalls, giant LED screens … so it provides support but also delivers the content. Front of the screen at the company’s headquarters, Auri, one of the employees, update data remotely via the internet. For all areas equipped in Andorra, but “also for the info for skiers in the resorts of Grandvalira and Formigal, through a computer interface created specifically for this purpose,” says Frederick.

From Belgium to the Pyrenees

Responsiveness, creativity, LED technology … one thing led to another, its partnership with ARCH, LED specialist, then leading to the establishment of a new high-tech activity, Andorra, at a time when, precisely, the principality is seeking to diversify its economy out of the tetralogy alcohol, cigarettes, bargain prices, banks.

A building on the hills overlooking the capital. In the office with a panoramic view of the boss? Under framework, Tintin covers vie Philippe Geluck the IM. “Yeah, it is Belgian and proud of it,” laughs Sébastien Clément, 42 while his wife Endy reminds him of his appointment.

Relaxed atmosphere, rigor of humor … But Otherwise, serious in business. For here is Llum Creativa ARCH, ARCH Andorran branch, Belgian SME founded in 2003 and plays in category “International Champion” LED side as shown by the catalog of his achievements …

World Cup rugby, Head BNP installation for Thierry Mugler … “This spring we delivered a screen of 1000 m2 in Dubai for al-Hikma Tower, 282 m, a project to € 1.40 million and we just delivered the largest screen of Belgium, Brussels’ leading Sebastien, manager of ARCH.

Sheep with five legs

“Marketing of screens, mesh light or real lace custom LED lighting, it makes the white elephant, that no one else wants or can not do. But it also creates the digital image and working in 36 countries including Vietnam, for around € 12 million in turnover, “he summarizes while Frederick says” COMTV being the distributor in Andorra giant screens qu’ARCH manufactured in Belgium, a synergy has developed between us and Sebastian decided to install manufacturing activity here in late 2013 “. Or 23 employees, all Andorrans, French or Spanish residents and


“In fact, the box was bigger and we took advantage of Andorra’s economic opening. – since now there is no need nominee to mount a business- to come and live with our children. “

For tax? “It’s true that it’s interesting, but it is not the engine. These are payroll taxes are lower. And then there are the Pyrenees, the quality of life and the education of very good standard with this base trilingual Spanish, French, Catalan, “lists Sebastian. All pink? to modulate depending on bank charges that also have business sense …


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