Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New technologies: early digital identity program … – Agency of Central Africa Information

This is for the organizers, through this training session, allowing participants to discover or strengthen their capacity on various businesses that develop around the domain names industry such as: management platforms, hosting, marketing, domain names, operators or service providers, developers and content creators.

During the two days of training, the beneficiaries will permeate thematic rich in content, it is, among other things: the state of the industry domain names in Congo, digital marketing, the Internet economy and its actors, the marketing of domain names.

The workshop officially launched the implementation program of the digital identity of the Congolese institutions namely the CG. To this end, a presentation of the e-Gov platform management of the domain name in Congo and its nomenclature will be made.

“Indeed, the establishment of the platform e govt is of capital importance for the economic and social development of the Republic of Congo, in the sense that the govt will help make it more effective administration and quality of services, in terms of time savings, “ . said the director of new technologies, Luc Missidibandzi

During the workshop, several priorities were identified including: giving a digital identity to institutions, secure the data exchanged through the establishment of platforms administrative services based on the infrastructure of operators, facilitating the work and access to services for users.


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