Sunday, January 17, 2016

The CFJ launches W, a school in step with new technologies – MCE Ma Chaine Etudiante

W is a school of higher education post-baccalaureate, located in Paris, which trains students for careers in seeking access content production in various fields communication, marketing, journalism, culture, education, research, film animation, data

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W is created by the CFJ under the sponsorship of Emmanuel Chain, founder of the Elephant production company and chairman of the CFJ.
It is open to graduates, all sectors confused, wanting to develop their creative potential, broaden and consolidate their general knowledge, to master all forms of writing (from the page to the picture through the code and design), to undertake and to invest in specific projects.
It delivers a Bachelor “digital content and creation” (Level +3).
Pedagogy W , which relies on the multidisciplinary experience of CFJ is resolutely turned towards action and draft mode. It focuses on general culture, entrepreneurship, forms of narrative, English and mastery of digital creation tools.
It will be possible to register online from of 15 January 2016.

W, why?

The US Department of Labor estimated that 65% of current students will exercise , after graduation, a trade that has not been invented yet (January 2015). The project
W is to create a school open, ambitious and professional, adapted to this unpredictable world and perpetual transformation. Students will not be selected on their academic performance but on their ambition, their eagerness to learn and their ability to work with other talents. In three years, the W School will provide them the network, knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for success in all areas of content.

Learn to write well, to tell stories in various forms, to initiate and conduct collaborative projects being rigorous and creative, touch and engage audiences is in the DNA of CFJ 70 years. By creating W , CFJ intends to apply its teaching, expertise and ambition in all areas of content. He also wants to train more agile young, creative entrepreneurs, actors of their learning and able to adapt to technological developments.


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