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New technologies: municipalities when surfing the web – L’Aisne Nouvelle

After a year of hard work, the is operational with two days advance since the launch should be done Friday, January 15th. “ This is a real communication tool where we can find the history of La Capelle, the minutes of council meetings, municipal services, city council members and deputies and delegations as information different , “explains the mayor, Guy Méresse.

This work was provided by Sandrine Havy, assistant communication, Samuel Boucher, Chief Advisor to the living environment, and Karen Bobronski, employee town hall. The team entrusted with the technical part a provider of the Marne. “ There was a real demand of residents but also the municipal council’s desire to publicize the town. It’s been about ten months we work regularly on the site, complemented by three Commission meetings in communication , “added the mayor.

This site is friendly and wants to live with many photographs but also Youtube videos. The public will eg find the Christmas illuminations. However, for the City, no question of abandoning the paper support News Bulletin. “ It keeps the paper ballot because all people do not have Internet at home. This bulletin is also available online.

For Guise , the town site that has been around a few years will also be brought up to date while Intercommunal a new site will be created. “ We completely rebuilt the city’s site to bring a new dynamic and make it live and eventually add services ,” explains François-Xavier Favaudon, CEO of City services. A communication officer has also hired several weeks ago to do this work.

hacked site

The work of the responsible Communication will also take care of the future website of the Guise region. “ Currently the website of the community of communes is closed because it was hacked for the second time before Christmas. We had pages added Propaganda , “explains Mr. Favaudon. The new website will be presented officially at the ceremony greeting the Guise region next week. This site will have a space dedicated to other cities that integrate intercommunality.

Vervins, also where the city has a website for about five years. “ Back then, it was a desire for a chosen few, recalls Lucette Boucher, in charge of communications for the City, which is also responsible for managing the site. I can start in advance of Information and programmed to the desired date, and it is the same to remove it. This site is changing regularly. “For Vervins, as with La Capelle, no way to remove the paper News Bulletin is also posted online.

Le Nouvion Green station is labeled and indicated on its website since the graphic widely used green. The city is probably one of the first towns to Thiérache to own a website. “ The site has existed for many years, about ten years says Samuel Lefèvre, Head of the City’s human resources, which created the site originally. Today the site has been improved. It is updated weekly, is the general manager of the services, each Monday, updates the calendar of events. Just go through a secure platform with codes . “

For Wassigny , the municipality has no website but seriously think about it,” We established a committee, we talked about but for consultancy yet it is in the dustbin , “admits the mayor, Franck Lepousez, aware of the lack. For him, making a website is one thing, “ must be updated regularly, not just to create the .” Before embarking, he preferred to wait to see what gives the approximation of the community of Aumale town with Guise in a year.

Some villages also have their Sites

Many villages surfed on fashion and the desire to have a website but difficult for small structures to animate them regularly. It is found by browsing the web many sites that are not updated or low. However, these sites still possible to find general information about the village in question as its history or photographs. We have established a selection and not a classification of several performing sites and other less efficient (non exhaustive list drawn up in alphabetical order).


– Boue: on, users have access to different information on the village of associations to the various tradesmen and craftsmen through history or even pictures of the pond . The calendar of events allows everyone to know the next appointments

– Buironfosse. Totally refreshed, the site offers many practical information about the town hall, trade or shoe museum without forgetting d announce the upcoming appointments in a timely manner. Only one address:

– Chigny: the site is new, attractive and updated. There is a wealth of information, photos, videos and links to other local or county websites:

– Étreux: the site is unattractive, having kept its original configuration, but offers a wealth of information with an update eg minutes of municipal councils and the calendar of events

– Fontaine-lès-Vervins. the site is simple but effective with numerous practical information. It contains historical articles, pictures of works or past events but also the agenda of upcoming appointments

– Rougeries. Like most other sites, that of the common presents City Council, schedules of hotlines, community life and go ahead, illustrated with photos taken during the recent protests

– Vadencourt:. history, heritage, services, associations or Agenda enrich a pleasant and informative site, where you can find many articles of The new Aisne referenced.

The flops

– Marly-Gomont: the site still exists but has not been updated since 2014

– Lemé. leme02 the site, which is no longer current, takes us on new site, but can not connect.


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