Sunday, January 3, 2016

New technologies: those little boxes that say a lot about … – La Voix du Nord

We will move the car to the bag “: this famous phrase we hear regularly in garages means that a technician will connect a diagnostic device on a specific decision called OBD2. This team all vehicles sold in Europe since 2002 and is located generally in the steering column

A northerner company Eliocity offers a box -. Called Xee – which connects to the famous decision OBD2 to facilitate tracking of your vehicle. According to seniority (and thus its electronic sophistication), Xee provides access to multiple functions ranging from geolocation to tamper warning through the “carbon footprint”, monitoring of consumption and maintenance via its application . If market coverage is broad, all models are not necessarily “Xee-compatible”, and should check before investing 109,90 euros, not including installation that runs from 9.90 to 49.90 euros at Norauto, the official partner.

For those who want to know more about how their vehicle, there are now the OBD2 boxes that transmit wifi engine operating data and codes error.

In this area, online sellers will give heart to joy for ELM327 offer such products at very low prices but at random operation and linked to the purchase of content, which swells the final grade.

These “magic boxes” also need an application to work and if many are free for download or as Mobilscan OBDCardoctor, they require either a subscription or acquisition of “their “casing to function properly. So Count fifty euros to have a “bag” at home, which can be very quickly pays!


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