Friday, January 29, 2016

New technologies behind devolution at work –

This conclusion is of a study by a University of California for the company Steelcase. It covers 10,000 employees from 17 different countries. Half of respondents reported the greatest difficulty focusing on their work because of the incessant intrusions associated with new technologies . This study follows the one for offices in Open Space, investigation also concluded that concentration problems due to this particular arrangement of offices in a common space.

In terms of devolution associated receiving any messages throughout the day, as it concerns the employees in basic positions as those most senior in the hierarchy. The study found that the time spent on the phone doubled in three years, an employee being disturbed on average every three minutes by either new technologies.

The result is a mental dispersion affecting all employees, resulting in difficulty in managing its time to work and identify priorities. Another effect is to reduce the potential for creativity, which can qu’altérer productivity and therefore employer satisfaction.


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