Friday, January 8, 2016

What strategies for new IT technologies? The … – ZDNet France

Guarantor of data integrity as enterprise applications, the CIO must also control new projects, such as that of the consumerization of IT, at least not to the scope of control IF escapes him, under pressure from the business departments. In such a context, moving and sometimes difficult to understand, salvation can only come from the ability of IT staff to support the business in a digital transformation process that appears to many, inevitable.

To do this, mount competence on cloud computing, security, but also the Big Data should help reposition the ISD as a central actor in the governance of the company, and with a lot of expertise in these new technological fields.

To help you meet these objectives, writing offers a full point on how to handle and mount skills in these new areas. An analytical approach is proposed for each area, with guided information on French and world markets, as well as a prospective 5 years.

This content is supplemented by articles that point on issues individuals of each sector: security and IoT, migration to the cloud, development of databases; deeply understand what’s transition by new IT technologies.


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