Friday, January 22, 2016

Sommeil® 16th Day Friday, March 18, 2016: Sleep and … – CareVox

screens, tablets, computers, mobile phones … new technologies multiply and invade our lives today in all its dimensions. We are all, more or less connected to the point that we come to ask the question: how was life before

In this context, INSV, true to its mission of information and prevention of sleep disorders, questions the evolution of our lifestyle and the links between new technologies and sleep:

  • How to sleep – today
  • How to manage – we new ? technology at the time of any screen
  • This technical and societal evolution – t – it affects our sleep? And where
  • How sleep and new technologies interact – they

Because sleep is a disconnection time quite essential, essential for physical and mental recovery, sleep specialists will review the sleep habits of the French population and highlight the interactions between sleep and new technologies, in this 16th Day Sleep. With an ambition:

  • Know how to use today’s technologies to maintain or improve the quality of our nights .

To to echo the theme, INSV inaugurate this year’s First Virtual Village Sleep. Accessible from the site, town devoted entirely to sleep offers different spaces for information, exchange, test themselves and more …

  • Information, with practical tips, expert advice and videos to better understand
  • From prevention, to identify risks and find out how sleep well
  • Arrangement – you interactive, discussions with experts, data on sleep centers
  • Guided by a nap sophrologist to let slip into the arms of Morpheus

For 75 years, we slept … 25 years! A third of our lives.

The Chronic sleep deprivation can have of negative health consequences. We malmenons too often our sleep, the only way to recover our physical and psychic abilities. To inform and raise awareness, promote screening and remember that care structures exist when sleep becomes pathological, that is the vocation of the Sommeil® Day.

On this occasion, sleep centers or specialized structures open their doors and go to meet the public , with participation of patient organizations and health education.

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In 2016 , RDV on the Virtual Village Sleep

for a big nap and guided flash animations on the theme of sleep and New Technologies!


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