Sunday, January 10, 2016

New technologies: CES in Las Vegas, you need to remember to … – La Voix du Nord

CES 2016 edition confirms the evolution of technology to connectivity, virtual reality or augmented and inflation of the definition TVs and readers.

Clearly, for many years, connected objects invade our daily lives. Also at CES 2016. Course watches, but also shoes with Smartshoe or cars, everything goes through the filter of these business Trackers

Announced for two years, virtual reality should make its entry general public this year. Highly anticipated by gamers, the headset Oculus Rift was presented at CES but its price may frighten more than one: $ 700. Sony and HTC also unveiled their animals with sales expected to start in 2016.

Other trends this CES, augmented reality or display information on screens. After the failed attempt of Google, augmented reality has found its place in the high-end cars, but also of interest to manufacturers of glasses or helmets. Dakri The company introduced a headset for professionals that displays technical data on the visor. Augmented reality could find its place among cyclists with Garmin glasses or vacuum controlled via smartphone like the HOM-BOT Turbo + LG

Another trend, but is more a natural evolution. 4K and Ultra HD. Dearest two years ago, this technology follows the same curve as flat screens. The first TV 4k entry will democratize. At CES, Asus introduced its first 4K monitors. TVs, smartphone, monitor cameras, the future is at 4K

Last but not least trend. French companies are very numerous at this CES. This is the most significant change: no fewer than 190 French start-up are present. Will they tomorrow’s trends, it’s the whole issue?


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