Monday, January 4, 2016

These new technologies the government forgets in his … –

Treat the immense tragedy of mass unemployment perdurable can not be limited, as was the fact a chronicle of December 20, with the sole denunciation of the late awakening government.

Our German and English neighbors, showing a lower rate of underemployment in half our, prove that no fatality justifies this situation and that it is sufficient to remedy to have the will and the courage to impose structural reforms whose implementation will give the economy the impetus to, among other things, hire


Now wants chance the appearance, there are already some time, a slight improvement in economic activity in the euro area, provides an opportunity for our Prime Minister to act on his words


If it agreed to transform its economic growth policy vector, Mr. Valls reach two objectives, it would boost our will comfort and that of other members of the common currency .

In this way the Government would restore the confidence of the French and European investors by removing the deflationary risk that the European Central Bank has difficulty curbing alone.

The same causes produce the same effect, an effort in this direction would lead to a decrease in unemployment.

But this is only a hollow dream. It remains highly unlikely that our decision-maker of last resort, President Hollande, agreed to return to economic policies, the impact on employment and growth has been, until now, no.

However all is not lost. Failing a decision conversion of our economic policy, a door has been opened with the ability to upgrade the social dialogue in its current form is not adapted to technological progress and innovation, which require companies flexibility of work organization with the frequent consultation of their employees.

This opening is, paradoxically, the fact of the Prime Minister, who in defending against its opponents Left legitimacy of deprivation of nationality in the fight against terrorism, justified the Government’s decision to move forward based on favorable reception this initiative by social networks.

Is inadvertently by unconsciousness or Machiavellianism, whatever the answer, this reply by giving the power of decision to the electoral base, as expressed on the Internet, involve the disappearance of the exercise of the power pyramid in France since the Constitution 1875. To continue in this direction would turn the Parliament Saving House.

Without going that far, a precedent extrapolated to other areas, is now solely because of the verbal gap in Right of Government. If this was not his will, he is trapped.

An attempt on his part to limit the scope of its reference to social networks, the only subject of deprivation of nationality would place him at risk of being disowned by the same networks and television screens.

The application for social dialogue reactions, case for case, the results of staff consultations, including Internet broadcasting would become the rule, provide a degree of flexibility to entrepreneurs.

Currently, they do not benefit from social dialogue too often blocked at the Central Trade Union, 95% of contributors were civil servants, have other culture than the defense of a status but not for work.

Under these conditions, a new formulation of the terms of the negotiations within the social dialogue, offering entrepreneurs a power in defining the terms of work, would be of great help.

For example, would avoid procrastination, which for months prevented Parisian department stores open on Sunday, despite the agreement of their employees.

Encourage the request, with all distribution channels able to contribute to it, is one of the best ways to counter the inherent economic stagnation deflation. Deflation whose coming would increase in employment.

In this context, remove union veto recognizing the primacy of a majority decision to dismiss employees contribute to job losses leading to unemployment which the output is random.

Workers have confidence in themselves to achieve this. Their participation insignificant Unions proves it.

In an environment threatened by deflation, a refusal by the Minister of Labour to soften its position would be understood as a betrayal by the workers willing to make sacrifices, often severe.

They spurred their bosses will, with increased dynamism, put their expertise and their innovative imagination in the service of the future growth.

Given this, a complex capitalist system, where the standard of living of citizens is at the margin determined by the decisions of the Government, political stability seen hanging from a fragile social peace

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